Saturday, 16 June 2012

My class room

My classroom is on the first floor of my school. It is quite spacious and airy. There are four rows of desks. We are 40 students in the class. There is a big blackboard on the front wall and a dais before it for teacher. On the left side of blackboard there is an almirah where we keep duster, chalks, copies etc. We have decorated our class with many colourful charts. It is like a temple for me.

My watch

I have a watch gifted by my father on my last birthday. It is Titan made. It is of golden colour with round dial. I always wear it whenever I go out. I am in the habit of checking time often. It makes me punctual. I know how much time it takes to walk to school, to write one page, to round the garden in the morning, to take dinner etc. I love my watch as it helps to groom my personality.

My daily routine

I have two daily routine- one for holiday and other for the days when I go to school. My school starts at 7:30 a.m. and I reach home at 2 p.m. Firstly I have a bath and take my lunch and then sleep for two hours. Sleeping in afternoon is a good idea. I feel very fresh in the evening. It is like having two mornings in a day. From 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. I do my home work. Then I go out to play with my friends. After coming back I complete my remaining homework. I enjoy some TV serials at night. After dinner, I sleep at around 10 p.m. During holidays, I rose early and go for morning walk. I also like to watch matinee movie. It refreshes me for the coming week. I love to maintain a balance between studies and play.

My pet animal

I have a pet monkey. My grandfather brought him two years ago. He is now a member of the family. We have constructed a small room for him. I feed him daily three times. He loves bananas. He is very furtive. He is very naughty also. Sometime he hides in the attic. So, I can not carry him outside with me. He is loved by all family members.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

My uncle

My uncle is a software engineer. He works in a multinational company. He is an intelligent fellow and has good knowledge of electronic gadgets. All our known-to people take his advice before purchasing any new gadget. I also developed interest in software development due to his presence. I want to pursue my career in IT field. He has opened new avenues for us.

My parents

Both my parents are teacher. They teach in government schools. My father is a science teacher and my mother teaches English. Both are well educated and cultured. They teach me and my sister every evening. We are very lucky that we get all the guidance at home. They are my role model. I also want to become a teacher and contribute in the growth of the society.

My village

My village is situated in a hilly region of Uttranchal. It is a small village surrounded by green forest. Here environment is calm and pollution free. A stream of water flows near my village, People are simple and their livelihood is agriculture, horticulture and cattle rearing. This place is far from hustle bustle of the city. People lead simple but happy life.

My city

I live in metro city Delhi. It has its own advantages and disadvantages. There are many opportunities for education and business. Roads and transport means are well developed and maintained. Schools, hospitals, Malls are available in all areas. But we have to face traffic jam, shortage of water and electricity, sewer blockage, water logging, crime and other problems of metro cities. So, we have to adjust.

Sardar Patel

Sardar Patel was a great leader and a statesman. He contributed in our freedom struggle. He was close to Gandhiji. He became first home minister after independence. He played a very important role in uniting India which was divided among various kings and princes. He brought all of them under Indian government. He had a tough personality. That’s why he is called the ‘Iron man’.

Chacha Nehru

Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru is our first Prime minister. He was a freedom movement leader. He set framework for the economic and social growth of India after independence. He was advocate of socialism. He was a statesman. He is respected all over the world. He was a good author also. He wrote many books including his biography. He loves children. His birthday is celebrated as “children’s day” in India. Children call him Cacha Nehru.

A marriage party

I love parties especially marriage parties as they are full of music, dance, food and glamour. Last week I attended marriage party of my friend’s sister. He belongs to a rich family. Party was arranged in a banquet hall. I loved to see latest trends in garments, jewelry and cars. It seems as if people were moving on ramp to show their assets. Food was delicious. Party went on till late night. I was the last to leave the place. It was a nice experience. Even today I relish the sweet memories of that day.

The postman

Postman of our area, Mr. Ramesh Gupta, is a very sincere person. He knows his work very well. He can tell any address of the locality. He has detail map of the area in his mind. He is working in this for last fifteen years. We never missed any letter or parcel. He is always in his khaki uniform. For illiterate people he also read the letters. He is always smiling, although his work is quite difficult. He has to cover long distances by his cycle even in the extreme weather. He is a hard worker. I like him.

A cold day

Last month I visited my friend in Shimla on his sister’s marriage. It was November. Weather was quite cool. On the day of marriage morning was sunny. Everything was fine till evening when suddenly weather turned stormy and rain started after some time. Barat had arrived in the marriage home. Everyone was shivering with cold. We arranged for coal hearths. People gathered around them. No one was enjoying music and food. We brought many quilts and pillows on rent. Guests comforted them and we served food to them near the hot hearths. Our sincere efforts changed everyone’s mood. Despite rough weather all function went nicely.

A hot day

Last Sunday was very hot. Temperature was above 40 degree even in the morning. One could not dare to go outside. As if it was not enough, electricity went off due to fault in transformer. Without fan and cooler it was really unbearable. We used hand fans, drank lots of cold beverages, but all seems ineffective before hot and dry weather. That day appeared too long to pass. In the evening some clouds gathered in the sky. A light shower brought the mercury down. We took breath of relief.

The policeman

Policeman is a sentinel of a society. He keeps eyes on criminal or unusual activities so that we can work and sleep safely. Without police there will be chaos in a society. He regulates traffic; he deters crime; he protects dignitaries, functions and festivals. He investigates crime and books the culprits. He works day-in and day-out to make our life safe. He is our true friend.

My school peon

My school peon, Mr. Umashankar, is a gentleman. He is very punctual. I always see him at the gate of main building when I enter the school in the morning. He greets teachers. He rings the bell. It seems that it is he who keeps the time table of the school. He circulates notices to the classrooms. He attends to the principal and other guests in the principal room. During any function in the school he works with enthusiasm. I never see him complaining.

My school garden

My school is situated near the most crowded market of the city. There is always rush of vehicles. But inside the school it is always fresh, thanks to the big and beautiful garden right at the entrance. School building starts after it. It has many trees, varieties of flowers and green grass. It is attached to the playground. We can sit in the garden in our recess period but playing is not allowed here. It filters the air of pollution and keeps our school’s environment cool and breathable. I love my school garden.

A cricket match

Sunday, IPL and final match is a thrilling experience. I had it in Wankhede stadium. Match was between Chennei Super Kings (CSK) and Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). I went with my three friends. We had already booked our tickets. Stadium was packed. Our heart was throbbing. Excitement was increasing with each passing ball. CSK played first and piled a huge score. KKR followed with good strategy. They were chasing under very high pressure. They put heir best; luck was on their side and they came out with flying colours. On that day I learnt the importance of keeping cool under trying conditions.

The book I like the most

I am an avid reader. Book reading is my hobby. The book I like the most is a story book by Munsi Premchand. He is a well known name in Hindi literature. All his stories are close to the reality of Indian society. His characters are simple and from real life. He raised many social issues in his stories. He had a good understanding of his time. His stories are mirror of society. That’s why he is popular among common mass.

The donkey

Donkey is a beast of burden. He is very old friend of man. He is considered inferior to horses. People call him dumb because he carries burden day-in and day-out without complaining. But he is very valuable for his master. He can work for long hours. He can carry lots of weight. He never rebels. He has lots of patience. He is a symbol of hard work. He is especially useful in narrow and sloppy hilly tracks. He is a mute, calm and useful companion of ours.

The horse

Horse is an old companion of human beings. It has strong built. It is furtive and can cover long distances in a stretch. Because of these qualities it had been used in wars. There are many great warriors in history known for their horse riding skills. Horse is also used in transport. They can pull carts. But in modern time they have no use in war and very limited use in transport. There role is mainly confined to the race.

Friday, 8 June 2012

The elephant

Elephant is a huge mammal. His appearance is peculiar. He has a long nose called trunk and a small tail. His ears are very big but his eyes are very small. His teeth are outdrawn. In all, he looks beautiful. He can pick things by his trunk to put in his mouth. He can produce and hear high frequency sound. He is very sensible and loyal to his master. He is very strong and can perform many tedious works.


Last Saturday our school organized a picnic to Mugal garden. I reached the school at 8:30 a.m.. First time I went to school without uniform and bag. All students assembled at the playground. Teachers divided us in two groups for two buses. We sang and clapped in the way to Mugal garden. In the month of February it is the most beautiful place to visit in Delhi. There were varieties of flowers. Their fragrance was sweet. Cool breeze was blowing. I noted details of some flowers. We spend many hours there. It was the most memorable day of my life.

My Country

My country, India, is a land of many cultures. There are many religion, languages, castes and seasons. All these varieties are like flowers of a garden. There is an underlying unity in this diversity. India is developing very fast. We are making progress in all spheres of life. We are shifting from agrarian economy to industrial economy. It is not that we are free from all the problems, but we are a happy family.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Mahatama Gandhi

Mahatama Gandhi is our national father. He is the apostle of truth, honesty and nonviolence. He transformed himself from a common man to a great man by dedicating his life for a great cause.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

encroachment of park

Q) Your area has only one park that is facing problem of encroachment by a builder. Write a paragraph in about 100 words mentioning the consequences of this encroachment.

Ambedkar park is the only open space in our otherwise congested area. It is the only respite for children and old age people who gather here in the morning and evening for recreation and social activities.
            But since few weeks a builder, who is constructing a building nearby, has encroached a big portion of this park for placing his building material. Children can not play as trucks load and unload material throughout the day. Air has become full of minute particles.
            To add to our trouble he has erected some tents also for sheltering his laborers. About 100 laborers and their family members are living here. They have spoilt the whole beauty of the park. A heap of garbage is also gathering in a corner. Moreover, some anti social elements are finding chance to sneak in the colony. This is posing law and order problem.