Thursday, 6 September 2012

To brother-imp of breakfast

Your younger brother, Rohit, studies in KL College. He lived in room no-16, saraswati hostel, Indore. Write a letter to him and advice him about taking breakfast daily.

Examination hall,
9th sept,2012.

Room no-16,
Saraswati hostel,
KL College, Indore.

Dear Rohit,
                        I received your letter today. I am glad that you scored highest in your class in monthly test. But I come to know that you are careless about your diet specially breakfast. It is not good to skip the breakfast. It is the first meal of the day that prepares us for the day. It keeps our energy level high and helps to increase our concentration. You should take protein and carbohydrate rich food in the morning. It should also contain roughage in adequate amount.
I hope you will pay heed to my advice and will never miss your breakfast in future.

Yours brother


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