Monday, 31 October 2011

Jumble words-4

 Marking scheme
1) Do one exercise (5 sentences) at one time.

2) Match the answer (given at the end of last exercise).

3) Give yourself marks using following criteria

A) No mistake à “1” mark
B) One mistake à “1/2” mark
C) More than one mistakesà “0” marks

4) Add all the marks using following criteria

Not satisfactory
Very good

5) Now move to next exercise. Use the knowledge you acquired from previous exercises.

Q) Rearrange the following words to obtain a meaningful sentence.


1)      Expected/escape/he/jail/his/would/friend/from/that/the.
2)      That/citizen/shelther/king/every/announced/and/get/cloth/will/food.
3)      Must/write/every/paragraph/person/a/know/educated/to/how.
4)      Theatre/reached/show/he/the/finished/in/had/when.
5)      Is/make/he/Biryani/know/to/not/needed/did/what.

1)      Could/is/the/now/who/winner/name/not/his/boy/spell/the.
2)      Not/can/nation/grow/not/can/women/which/respect/a.
3)      Whenever/like/to/feel/you/me/you/come/can.
4)      There/to/assure/fear/to/is/want/that/reason/you/I/no.
5)      Dark/come/building/It/out/was/we/the/when/of.

1)      Not/fast/it/train/could/was/that/catch/so/I.
2)      Jam/returning/he/office/in/he/was/from/was/a/as/caught/the.
3)      Whitewash/six/we/as/finished/clock/the/struck/the.
4)      The/nearby/broke/the/where/is/house/fire.
5)      Child/toys/like/longs/other/he/any/for.


1)      Truth/life/who/never/those/fail/speaks/in.
2)      Your/words/an/thank/much/most/very/sympathetic/you/kind/for.
3)      The/were/off/to/present/my/see/station/parents/at/me.
4)      May/this/student/sum/class/every/know/solve/of/how/must/to.
5)      Meaning/you/there/write/in/no/what/is.


1)      Unless/consistently/can/works/student/he/no/succeed/.
2)      To/for/single-handed/is/student/project/do/the/any/too/big.
3)      Know/introduce/class/to/do/to/I/how/the/myself/not.
4)      Forget/best/should/honestly/policy/is/you/that/never/the.
5)      School/started/reached/had/when/prayer/the/I.

Answer Exerciseà1
1)      His friend expected that he would escape from the jail.
2)      King announced that every citizen will get food, cloth and shelter.
3)       Every educated person must know how to write paragraph.
4)      Show had finished when he reached in the theater.
5)      He did not know what is needed to make Biryan.

Answer Exerciseà2
1)      The boy who could not spell his name is the winner now.
2)      A nation which can not respect women can not grow.
3)      You can come to me whenever you feel like.
4)      I want to assure you that there is no reason to fear.
5)      It was dark when we came out of the building.

Answer Exerciseà3
1)      Train was so fast that I could not catch it.
2)      He was caught in a jam as he was returning from the office.
3)      We finished the whitewash as the clock struck six.
4)      The house where the fire broke is nearby.
5)      Like any other child he longs for toys.

Answer Exerciseà4
1)      Those who speak truth never fail in life.
2)      Thank you very much for your most kind and sympathetic words.
3)      My parents were present at the station to see me off.
4)      Every student of my class must know how to solve this sum.
5)      There is no meaning in what you write.

Answer Exerciseà5
1)      No student can succeed unless he works consistently.
2)      The project is too big for any student to do single-handed.
3)      I do not know how to introduce myself to the class.
4)      You should never forget that honesty is the best policy.
5)      When I reached the school prayer had started.

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