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Jumble words--2

 Marking scheme
1) Do one exercise (5 sentences) at one time.

2) Match the answer (given at the end of last exercise).

3) Give yourself marks using following criteria

A) No mistake à “1” mark
B) One mistake à “1/2” mark
C) More than one mistakesà “0” marks

4) Add all the marks using following criteria

Not satisfactory
Very good

5) Now move to next exercise. Use the knowledge you acquired from previous exercises.

Q) Rearrange the following words to obtain a meaningful sentence.

Exercise 1

1)      Epidemic/state/people/broke/an/the/died/in/and/many.
2)      Can/democratic/election/country/anyone/ability/a/who/win/has/in.
3)      Friend/helped/like/time/any/his/I/good/bad/in/him.
4)      Hard worker/honest/the/only/in/wins/run/patient/long/and.
5)      We/any/without/society/think/education/books/not/quality/in/of/can.

Exercise 2

1)      Natural/ die/laws/not/to/do/respect/those/bound/who/are.
2)      Need /religion/time/both/in/science/modern/and/we.
3)      Econmy/domestic/is/indan/crucail/in/role/animals/of/very.
4)      By/may/will/come/I/you/what/stand.
5)      People/country/30%/below/line/our/about/in/lies/poverty.

Exercise 3

1)      Are/arteries/country/are/and/forests/any/rivers/of/lungs.
2)      All/curb/should/dowry/govt./menace/steps/take/of/to/necessary.
3)      Body/asset/in/that/life/s/we/biggest/our/have/the/our.
4)      Very/others/who/problems/people/are/understand/there/can/less.
5)      Business/idea/on/success/capital/a/and/depends/not/of/on.

Exercise à 4

1) To/school/have/uniform/school/whenever/I/wear/came/I/to.
2) be/seems/house/person/there/the/to/in/no.
3) Making/bounds/by/he/leaps/progress/is/and.
4) I/form/couldnot/get/for/couldnot/therefore/apply/I/admission/the.
5) ashes/were/shops/jawalpur/the/to/all/burnt/of.

Exerciseà 5

1)      The/box/could/efforts/not/best/of/spite/my/in/heavy/lift.
2)      India/all/cities/the/most/jaipur/of/is/other/of/beautiful.
3)      Figure/than/name/in/her/the/prior/yours/list.
4)      Delhi/streets/are/than/of/ the/of/these/cleaner/meerut.
5)      More/cleverer/she/than/brother/and/intelligent/is/her

(* In future we’ll have more practice exercises)

Jumble words answers.
Exercise 1

1)      An epidemic broke in the state and many people died.
2)      Anyone who has ability can win in a democratic country.
3)      Like any good friend I helped him in his bad time.
4)      In the long run only hardware, patient and honest wins.
5)      Without books we cannot think of quality education in any society.

Exercise 2

1)      Those who do not respect natural laws are bound   to die.
2)      In modern time we need science and religion both.
3)      In Indian economy role of domestic animals is very crucial.
4)      I will stand by you come what may.
5)      About 30% people in our country lies below poverty line.

Exercise 3

1)      Forests are lungs and Rivers are arteries of any country.
2)      Govt. should take all necessary steps to curb menace of dowry.
3)      Our body is the biggest asset that we have in our life.
4)      There are very less people who can understand others problems.
5)      Success of a business depends on idea and not on capital. 

Exercise à4

1)      I have to wear school uniform whenever I came to school.
2)      There seems to be no person in the house.
3)      He is making progress by leaps and bounds.
4)      I could not get the form; therefore, I couldn’t apply for admission.
5)      All the shops of jawalapur were burnt to ashes.

Exercise à5

1)      To spite of my best efforts, I couldn’t lift the heavy box.
2)      Jaipur is the most beautiful of all other cities of India.
3)      Her name figures prior than yours in the list.
4)      The streets of Delhi are cleaner than those of Meerut.
5)      She is cleverer and more intelligent than his brother

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