Monday, 21 November 2011

Phrases and its type (practice)- 1

Before doing this exercise you would like to read Phrases and its type

Q) Underline the phrases in the following sentences. Also tell their types.

1)      He learnt horse riding in summer vacation.
2)      To work honestly is our duty.
3)      He purchased a car with red color.
4)      Dilip singh my next door neighbor is a cruel man.
5)      You should not behave in such a manner.
6)      He ordered a table made of fine wood.
7)      An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
8)      She hanged a painting on the wall.
9)      Karisma, the great magician, arrived in our city.
10)   He pushed the stone out of the way.
11)  He brought a bear with silky hair.
12)  Meeting your promise is sign of integrity.
13)  He stopped for a while as tea stall.
14)  All salute the rising sun.
15)  Once upon a time a monkey lived in the forest.


1)      Summer vacation à Adverb phrase.
2)      To work honesty. à Noun phrase.
3)      With red colorà Adjective phrase.
4)      My next door neighbor à Adjective phrase.
5)      In such a mannerà Adverb phrase.
6)      Made of fine woodà Adjective phrase.
7)      An apple a dayà Noun phrase.
8)      On the wall à Adverb phrase.
9)      The great magicianà Adjective phrase
10)  Out of the wayà  adverb phrase.
11)  With silky hair à Adjective phrase
12)  Meeting your promise à Noun phrase
13)  For a whileà adverb phrase.
14)  The rising sun à Noun phrase
15)  Once upon a time à Adverb phrases.

for further practice see phrase and its types(practice)-2

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