Monday, 21 November 2011

Subject and predicate (pratice-1)

Before doing this exercise you would like to read subject and predicate.

Q) Identify subjects and predicate in following sentences.

1)      you should not afraid of exams
2)      The great emperor ruled this land one.
3)      Tropical forests are the lungs of earth.
4)      The man in black suit is a cop.
5)      This advertisement lacks a catch line.
6)      He fought tooth and nail for justice.
7)      Human beings share this earth with other organisms.
8)      God never left his devotee alone.
9)      Education is means of salvation.
10)  A good teacher never preaches.
11)  Slow but steady wins the race.
12)  My grandfather is the most loving person on this earth.
13)  A hundred miles journey starts with a single step.
14)  Thirsty crow sat on branch of a tree.
15)  A bird in hand is better than two in bush.


1)      Subjectà You.
2)      Subjectà the great emperor.
3)      Subjectà Tropical forests.
4)      Subjectà the man in black suit.
5)      Subjectà the advertisement.
6)      Subjectà He.
7)      Subjectà Human beings.
8)      Subjectà God.
9)      Subjectà Education.
10)  Subjectà A good teacher.
11)  Subjectà Slow but steady.
12)  Subjectà My grandfather.
13)  Subjectà A hundred miles Journey.
14)  Subjectà Thirsty crow
15)  Subjectà A bird in hand.

for further practice see
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