Thursday, 15 December 2011

Future perfect (practice) -2

 Q1) Translate following sentences into your mother tongue

1)      They will have reached their village before sunset.
2)      I shall have left the city before he wakes up.
3)      They will have reached the Jaipur in July.
4)      Winter will have killed homeless people before government takes any action.
5)      Monkey will have damaged the garden before the owner comes.
6)      He will have got the result before next Sunday.
7)      He will have recovered from his disease soon.
8)      I shall have done your work at earliest.
9)      Vendor will have sold all vegetables before evening.
10)   Thief will have escaped before anyone notice.
11)  Director will have ruined before she completes her make up.
12)  Ravana will have burnt before we reaches there.
13)  Food will have cooked before we take bath.
14)  Mother will have cleaned the house even before we wake up.
15)  Jet will have crossed him even before he notices.

Q2) write15 sentence in future perfect tense.

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