Thursday, 15 December 2011

Past continuous

A sentence in  past continuous tells that the action of past denoted by verb is not completed but going on at that moment.
For example à “Ram was going to school”.  Ram had not reached the school. The work (going to school) was not completed.

1) 1st form of verb is used.
2) “ing” is added to the 1st form of verb.
3 Helping verbà was/were is used as
a) wasà I, he, she, it, name other 3rd person singular subjects.
b) wereà you, we, they, plural subjects.

Affirmativeà Subjects +was/were +verb +object.
Negativeà . Subjects+ was/were +not+ verb +object.
Interrogativeà was/were +subject+verb +object?
Negative+interrogatveà was/were+ subject +not+verb +object?

1)      She was cooking the food.
2)      We were not going abroad.
3)      Were you building a house?
4)       Was he not climbing the mountain?
5)      They were helping the poor.

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