Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Present perfect continuous (practice)-1

Q1) Translate following Sentences into your mother tongue.
1)      He has been learning English for three months.
2)      Temperature has been rising for last three days.
3)      He has been walking since early morning.
4)      She has been waiting for her turn since 2 O’clock.
5)      He has not been suffering from Malaria since yesterday.
6)      Have you been running for long time?
7)      Doctor has been examining the patients for three hours.
8)      Have you not been feeling well since lunch time?
9)      Children have been watching cartoon since 5 O’clock.
10)  I have been supporting him for quite long time.
11)  I have been working in the garden since afternoon.
12)  Your mobile has been ringing for fifteen minutes.
13)   Plumber has been repairing tap for one hour.
14)  It has been raining for two days.
15)  Scientists have been trying to find treatment for AIDS for many years.

Q2) Write 15 sentences in present Perfect continuous

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  1. Truly helpful to guide elementary grade students. Appreciate the efforts.