Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Present Perfect continuous (practice)-2

Q1) Translate following sentences into your mother tongue.

1) River has been overflowing since July.
2)  People have been protesting against corruption for test seven days.
3) Workers have been demanding salary rise since last year.
4) He has been appearing in the exam for two years.
5) You have not been sleeping for two days.
6) They have not been going to school since Tuesday.
7) Have you not been   taking food since Monday?
8) Kalash has been writing an essay for half an hour.
9) She has been enjoying good rapport with her teacher since beginning.
10) Children have been dancing for two hours.
11) He has been searching job for three months.
12) Father has been driving car for two hours.
13) I have been preparing a book for six months.
14) My uncle has been living in Indore   since 1998.
15) You have not been paying rent for four months.

Q2) Write 15 sentences   in present perfect tenses.

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