Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Present Perfect (practice)-1

Q1) Translate following sentences into your mother tongue.

1)            I have already taken food.
2)            Have you seen Tajmahal earlier?
3)            He has won the election thrice.
4)            I have given up smoking.
5)            He has decided to contest the election.
6)            He has established a grand business in USA.
7)            People have not accepted him as their leader.
8)            Have you ever gone in a forest?
9)            Coach has announced the rules of the game.
10)        Time has ripened to raise voice against exploitation.
11)        Much time has lapsed.
12)        Sun has risen to the head.
13)        He has not revised his lesson.
14)        He has watered the plants.
15)        Leopard has killed three goats.

Q2) Write 15 sentences in present perfect tense.

For further practice see Present perfect tense (practice)-2

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