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Sentence and its type

Sentence is the simplest unit of communication. It is the essential part of any basic grammar course or book or blog. To have a better grip on writing skills it is inevitable to understand sentences and its types.

Sentence-Definition and kinds

Definitionà Sentence is a group of words which makes complete sense.
1)      He is a hardworking boy.
2)      What is your name?
3)      Lets play a game.
4)      Sit
5)      What a beauty!

A sentence may consist of a single word, as in Example (d) above. In this case, the single word must be a verb.

A sentence must contain a verb. That is why verb is called “the word” of a sentence.

Kinds of sentences à
There are five kinds of sentences

1) Declarative or Assertive sentencesà these sentences make statements or assertions.

They are further divided into two parts.

A) Affirmative à make a positive statement.
a) A boy was running in the park.
b) Cool air was blowing.
c) Bus was over crowded.
d) He has two brothers.
e) My father is a manager.

B) Negative à make a negative statements.
a) He was not present.
b) They could not complete the course.
c) I am not afraid of challenges.
d) He had no faith in God.
e) You should not throw garbage on the road.

2) Interrogative à A Question is asked. Sentence ends with a question mark (?).

 These sentences are again of two kinds.

A) Beginning with helping verbà
a) Have you done your job.
b) Am I a fool?
c) Are you going to Mumbai?
d) Is he coming in the party?
e) Are you interested in this game?

B) Beginning with ‘Wh-family’ wordsà
a) How are you?
b) What are your hobbies?
c) Where do you live?
d) When did he complete his homework?
e) Who is your English teacher?

3) Imperative sentences à These sentences express request, order, advice etc. They start with verb and end with full stop.
a) Go to your class.
b) Bring a glass of water.
c) Please write an essay for me.
d) Do your work on time.
e) Be honest in your work.

4) Exclamatory sentencesà These sentences express strong feeling of surprise, sorrow, happiness, etc.
a) Alas! I am undone.
b) Oh! I am really sorry.
c) How beautiful it is!
d) Hurry! We have won the match.
e) Aha! It’s delicious.

5) Optative sentencesà These sentences express blessing or wishes.
a) May you live long!
b) All the best!
c) May you pass the exam!
d) May God bless you!
e) May God help you!

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