Monday, 21 November 2011

Types of sentences (practice) -2

Before doing this exercise you would like to read sentence and its types

Q) Identify the types of following sentences as assertive, interrogative, imperative, exclamatory, optative.

1)      Movies are mirror of a society.
2)      A friend in need is a friend indeed.
3)      Who can oppose the will of mighty king!
4)      What a performance!
5)      Jump now.
6)      Can you send me some money?
7)      He was shouting again as to test my patience.
8)      It seems that all is well.
9)      Cut your nails, brush your teeth and comb your hair.
10)  Please help me this time.
11)  What if they turn your project down again?
12)  How can we be so rude to a child?
13)  When did you police your shoes last time?
14)  Only in the lap of nature we are safe.
15)  Wow! Perfect shot again.


1) Assertive.
2) Assertive.
3) Exclamatory.
4) Exclamatory.
5) Imperative.
6) Interrogative.
7) Assertive.
8) Assertive.
9) Imperative.
10) Imperative.
11) Interrogative.
12) Interrogative.
13) Interrogative.
14) Assertive.
15) Exclamatory.

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