Monday, 21 November 2011

Types of sentences (practice) -1

Before doing this exercise you would like to read sentence and its types

Q) Identify the types of following sentences as assertive, interrogative, imperative, exclamatory, optative.
1)      What a shame!
2)      Have you ever seen a python?
3)      True knowledge guides us through difficult times.
4)      Starvation is a curse on humanity.
5)      How can you do this to me?
6)      I cannot forget that horrible night.
7)      Oh! This was really surprising.
8)      Let’s not disturb him.
9)      We should not believe on rumors.
10)    Kindly bring me a glass of water.
11)  The man, who broke into your house, is arrested.
12)  What is the name of the person standing in the corner?
13)  Hurry! We achieved our goal.
14)  No man can escape judgment of Lord.
15)  Can you solve these sums?

1)      Exclamatory.
2)      Interrogative.
3)      Assertive.
4)      Assertive.
5)      Interrogative.
6)      Assertive.
7)      Exclamatory.
8)      Imperative.
9)      Assertive.
10)  Imperative.
11)  Assertive.
12)  Interrogative.
13)  Exclamatory.
14)  Assertive.
15)  Interrogative.

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