Thursday, 15 December 2011

Future continuous

A sentence in future continuous tells that the action of future (denoted by verb) is not completed but going on at that moment.

1) 1st form of verb is used.
2)”ing” is added to the 1st form of verb.
3) Helping verb à Shall be/ will be is used as.
a) Shall beà I, we
b) Will be à all other Subjects

1)      Affirmativeà Subject + shall be/ will be+ verb + object.
2)      Negativeà Subject + shall / will + not +be +verb + object.
3)      Interrogative à Shall / will+ subject + be + verb + Objects?
4)      Negative + interrogative à Shall / will + subject + not be + verb + objects?

1)      He will be sleeping.
2)      Next month I shall not be living here.
3)      Will he be studying in library?
4)      Will they not be cheating people now?
5)      She will be cooking food for the guests.

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