Thursday, 15 December 2011

Future indefinite (Practice)-1

Q1) Translate following Sentences into your mother tongue

1)      I shall help you, come what you.
2)      He will meet you as early as possible.
3)      Shall I stand here till lunch?
4)      India will always oppose terrorism.
5)       I shall start diary writing soon.
6)      We shall participate in the game.
7)      Mother will make a new dish tonight.
8)      Next Sunday we shall go to see circus.
9)      Principal will announce the results anytime now.
10)  New gadget will gain popularity soon.
11)  We shall purchase a new house next month.
12)  Kanchan will solve this sum is no time.
13)  I shall cross this river one day.
14)  He will make a good doctor.
15)  New Highway will open new opportunities for people.

Q2) Write 15 sentences in Future Indefinite tense.

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