Thursday, 15 December 2011

Future Indefinite (practice)-2

Q1) Translate following Sentences into your mother tongue

1)      Police will divert traffic for Republic day function.
2)      In the end God will do justice.
3)      Our class teacher will give new timetable today.
4)      Parliament will enact new law in winter session.
5)      School will reopen from Monday.
6)      I shall join new course next month.
7)      Water scarcity will cause next world war.
8)      Will you whitewash your house before Diwali.
9)      Only members will decide the course of action.
10)  I shall show my cards at right time.
11)  My uncle will give me a new cycle on my birthday.
12)  Will he not return my book tomorrow?
13)   Shall I remind you again about your exam?
14)  Company will provide you all necessary finance for this Project.
15)  I shall prefer to die for this cause.

Q2) write 15 sentences in future indefinite tense

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