Thursday, 15 December 2011

Future Indefinite

A sentence in future indefinite simply tells about an action of future. It does not state if action will be completed or going on.

1) 1st form of verb is used.
2) Helping verb àShall/ will be used as
a)      Shallà I, we
b)      Willà all other Subjects.

Affirmativeà Subject+ Shall/will +verb+ object
Negativeà Subject+ Shall/will +not+ verb+ object.
Interrogativeà Shall/will +Subjects +verb + object.
Negative + interrogativeà shall/ will+ Subject + not + verb + objects?

1)      She will support you in difficult time.
2)      I shall not change my stand on corruption.
3)      Will you cross the forest?
4)      Will she not come in the meeting?
5)      I shall appear for exam this year.

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