Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Past indefinite (practice)-1

Rules of past indefinite tense

Q1) Translate following sentences into your mother tongue.

1)      He went in a forest.
2)      He saw his shadow in the water.
3)      She became sad.
4)      Woodcutter sat under a tree.
5)      He saw up with surprise.
6)      He held his breadth.
7)      Fox tried many times to catch the grapes.
8)      His friend came down from the tree.
9)      Dog stole a piece of bread.
10)  He adopted many methods.
11)  Monkeys imitated him.
12)  This time he passed through the forest.
13)  Fox closed the door of cage immediately.
14)  Ten people injured and two died in the accident.
15)  People carried the injured to the hospital.

Q2) Write 15 sentences in past indefinite tense.

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