Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Past Indefinite


Past Indefinite sentence tells only about the events of past. It does not state whether the action is complete or going on.

1) 2nd form of verb is used.
2) In negative sentence “did not” is used.
3) Interrogative sentence start with “Did”.
4) 1st form of verb is used in negative and interrogative sentences. [Because “did” (2nd form of “do”) is already used.]
Noteà out of twelve tenses, 2nd form of verb is used only with past indefinite tense, that too in affirmative sentences only.

1) He crossed the river in half an hour.
2) She did not like long journeys.
3) Did you like to go to dance club?
4) Did you not cook the food?
5) I received your letter recently.

1)      Affirmative à Subject + verb+ object.
2)      Negativeà Subject + did not + verb + object.
3)      Interrogativeà Did + subject+ verb + object?
4)      Negative + interrogative à Did + subject + not + verb + object?

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