Sunday, 11 December 2011

Present continuous

Identify à A sentence in present continuous tells that action or work denoted by verb is going on at the moment.
For exampleà  “Ram is going to the school.”
From this sentence one can conclude that action (going to school) is taking place right now. That is, Ram is going to school right now. Work is continuing. It means work is not completed.  

1) 1st form of verb is used.
2) “ing” is added to the 1st form of verb.
3) Helping verbà is/ are/ am is used with different subjects as
a) Isà He, she, it, Name, other 3rd person singular subjects.
b) Areà you, we, they and plural subjects.
c) Am à I

1)      Affirmative à Subjects +is/am/are + verb + object.
2)      Negativeà Subjects +is /are/am+ not +verb + object.
3)      Interrogative à Is/are/am + subject +verb +object?
4)      Negative and Interrogative à Is /are/ am + subject +not+ verb + object?

Examplesà 1) She is writing a book on wild animals.
2) You are not going to the party.
3) I am studying in 10th class.
4) Are they traveling by the road?
5) Is he not working properly?

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