Sunday, 11 December 2011

Present Indefinite (practice)-2

Q1) Translate following sentences into your mother tongue.

1)            Parliament makes the law in India.
2)            Girls play volleyball after the school.
3)            Our principal believes in simple living and high thinking.
4)            Monkeys rule this area.
5)            Do you know that man?
6)            My grandmother tells the bead all the time.
7)            Our company prefers honesty to hard work.
8)            Do you not like earning money?
9)            Followers do not become leaders.
10)        He deals his Garments.
11)        He gives up smoking in just one week.
12)        Rakesh and Rahim run a business in Mumbai.
13)        Does Mr kailas teach you English?
14)        Mangoes ripe in summer.
15)        He always speaks at the right time.

Q2) Write 15 sentences in present indefinite tense.

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