Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Excess of everything is bad

Life is full of beautiful things. Some are good to eat, some are good to smell and some are good for health. But none is good if consumed in excess. The most delicious and nutritious food can be devoured only to a limit, after that it will cause discomfort. Money in excess is root cause of many evils. Exercise in excess can damage muscles. Child care in excess is called pampering and spoils the child. Sleep in excess produce laziness. Work in excess makes us workaholic. There is no place for excess in life. Life is beautiful if things are present in balance.

Harmful effects of mobiles

Mobiles are very common these days. One can see mobiles in every hand. They are very useful but not without any harmful effects. They receive and emit radiations that are harmful for our health. People use mobiles while driving. It is the root cause of many accidents. Mobiles are also causing distraction in student’s life. Many telemarketing companies are big nuisance in our life. We are flooded with their calls and SMSes. There are increasing incidents of crime through mobiles. Therefore we can conclude that mobiles are both bad and good. We should use them carefully.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

To brother-imp of breakfast

Your younger brother, Rohit, studies in KL College. He lived in room no-16, saraswati hostel, Indore. Write a letter to him and advice him about taking breakfast daily.

Examination hall,
9th sept,2012.

Room no-16,
Saraswati hostel,
KL College, Indore.

Dear Rohit,
                        I received your letter today. I am glad that you scored highest in your class in monthly test. But I come to know that you are careless about your diet specially breakfast. It is not good to skip the breakfast. It is the first meal of the day that prepares us for the day. It keeps our energy level high and helps to increase our concentration. You should take protein and carbohydrate rich food in the morning. It should also contain roughage in adequate amount.
I hope you will pay heed to my advice and will never miss your breakfast in future.

Yours brother

Saturday, 16 June 2012

My class room

My classroom is on the first floor of my school. It is quite spacious and airy. There are four rows of desks. We are 40 students in the class. There is a big blackboard on the front wall and a dais before it for teacher. On the left side of blackboard there is an almirah where we keep duster, chalks, copies etc. We have decorated our class with many colourful charts. It is like a temple for me.

My watch

I have a watch gifted by my father on my last birthday. It is Titan made. It is of golden colour with round dial. I always wear it whenever I go out. I am in the habit of checking time often. It makes me punctual. I know how much time it takes to walk to school, to write one page, to round the garden in the morning, to take dinner etc. I love my watch as it helps to groom my personality.

My daily routine

I have two daily routine- one for holiday and other for the days when I go to school. My school starts at 7:30 a.m. and I reach home at 2 p.m. Firstly I have a bath and take my lunch and then sleep for two hours. Sleeping in afternoon is a good idea. I feel very fresh in the evening. It is like having two mornings in a day. From 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. I do my home work. Then I go out to play with my friends. After coming back I complete my remaining homework. I enjoy some TV serials at night. After dinner, I sleep at around 10 p.m. During holidays, I rose early and go for morning walk. I also like to watch matinee movie. It refreshes me for the coming week. I love to maintain a balance between studies and play.

My pet animal

I have a pet monkey. My grandfather brought him two years ago. He is now a member of the family. We have constructed a small room for him. I feed him daily three times. He loves bananas. He is very furtive. He is very naughty also. Sometime he hides in the attic. So, I can not carry him outside with me. He is loved by all family members.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

My uncle

My uncle is a software engineer. He works in a multinational company. He is an intelligent fellow and has good knowledge of electronic gadgets. All our known-to people take his advice before purchasing any new gadget. I also developed interest in software development due to his presence. I want to pursue my career in IT field. He has opened new avenues for us.

My parents

Both my parents are teacher. They teach in government schools. My father is a science teacher and my mother teaches English. Both are well educated and cultured. They teach me and my sister every evening. We are very lucky that we get all the guidance at home. They are my role model. I also want to become a teacher and contribute in the growth of the society.

My village

My village is situated in a hilly region of Uttranchal. It is a small village surrounded by green forest. Here environment is calm and pollution free. A stream of water flows near my village, People are simple and their livelihood is agriculture, horticulture and cattle rearing. This place is far from hustle bustle of the city. People lead simple but happy life.