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10th class-cbse english (NCERT BOOK-First Flight)(long answers) chapter-2 (NELSON Mandela: A LONG Walk To Freedom)(Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela)

Answer following questions in about 100 words.

Q1) What does courage mean to Mandela?  How did he learn the meaning of courage?
Ans1) Courage means the triumph over fear for Nelson Mandela. South Africa was suffering from the menace of the policy of apartheid for long time. This had a deep and impact on the people. They were accustomed to racial discrimination, suffering, poverty and deprivation. But on the other hand decades of torture and oppression produced men of supreme character like Oliver Tambo, Walter Sisulu. They acquired extra ordinary wisdom and courage. They  risked and sacrificed their lives just for an idea. They were subjected to tortures, brutalities and inhuman treatment. Nelson learned the meaning of courage from them. He understood that courage was the victory over fear, not just its absence.

Q2) Which twin obligations have been mentioned in this lesson? Explain?
Ans2)According to Nelson Mandela, a man has twin obligations in his life- one for his family and another for his country. He has to arrange basic necessities for his family members. He has to work for his children, wife and parents. On the other hand, he has some duties for the society and his country. He can fulfill them according to his capacities and abilities. Mandela was worried as it was impossible for a black man to fulfill them in South Africa. People were prisoner of the policy of apartheid. Their mind was bounded. They were unable to fulfill any of the obligations.

Some more questions for practice.

Answer following questions in about 100 words.

Q1) Write down the main impacts about the policy of apartheid.

Q2) How did Nelson Mandela’s understanding of freedom change with age and experience?

Q3)Write a character sketch of Nelson Mandela.

Q4)What ideals does Nelson Mandela setout for the future of South Africa?

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