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10th class -cbse english(NCERT BOOK-First Flight)(short answers) chapter-2 (NELSON Mandela: A LONG Walk To Freedom)(Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela)

Answer following questions in about 40 words.

Q1) What ideals does Mandela set out for the future of south Africa in his speech?
Ans1) Nelson Mandela said we got political freedom but we should pledged to liberate all the people from poverty, deprivation, suffering, gender and other discriminations.

Q2)What is Mandela’s opinion regarding oppressor and oppressed?
Ans2) In the eyes of Mandela both oppressor and oppressed are deprived of their humanity. Oppressor is a prisoner of hatred. And oppressed has no confidence in humanity. He is also in the similar manner. So, both needs to be liberated.

Q3) Mandela had ‘hunger for freedom’. How did it change his life?
Ans3) Mandela longed for freedom since his boyhood.  He desperately wanted freedom. But as a student he wished freedom only for himself. Gradually his hunger for freedom increased many fold. It became the greater hunger for the freedom of his people. This changed him and he joined the African National congress.

Q4) Why did the inauguration ceremony take place in the amphitheatre formed by the union Buildings in Pretoria?
Ans4) The first democratic, non –racial government was taking birth in South Africa. A ceremony was organized in the amphitheatre formed by the union Buildings in Pretoria. It was attended by dignitaries from more than 140 countries around the world. Thousands of South Africa men, women and children of all races sang and danced with joy on this memorable day of 10th   May 1994.

Q5) What freedom meant to Mandela in childhood?
Ans5) Meaning of freedom for Mandela during childhood was very restricted. It meant to to be free to run in the fields, to swim in the clear stream, free to roast mealies and ride the broad backs of slow moving bulls.

Q6) What was the incident involving a white guard in jail that helped Mandela to continue his struggle against the racial government?
Ans6) In the prison Nelson Mandela and his comrades were kept in extreme painful condition. During those days a guards showed sympathy towards them just for few moments. This reinstalled Mandela faith on the belief that a man’s goodness is a flame which could be hidden but never extinguished.

Some more questions for practice.

Answer following questions in about 40 words.

Q1) How did the military generals conduct on that day?

Q2) What does Mandela refer to as ‘an extraordinary human disaster?

Q3) What hope does Mandela express for his country in his speech?

Q4) What were the pledges taken by Nelson Mandela?

Q5) Why does Mandela address the freedom as ‘new born liberty’?

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