Wednesday, 2 May 2012

7th class-cbse english (Honeycomb) Chapter-1 (Three questions) (Leo Tolstoy)

Answer following questions in short.

Q1) Why did the king want to know answers to three questions?
Ans1) The king thought that if he knew the right answers to his three answers he would never fail in any work.

Q2) Some said the king should go to magicians. Why?
Ans2) The king was looking for the answers of his three question. One of the questions was to find right time for doing something. This needed looking into the future. That’s why some said the king should go to magicians

Q3) In answer to the second question whose advice would be important to the king?
Ans3) The advice of priest, doctor and soldiers would be important to the king. The priests would seek the blessings of God against natural calamities. The doctors would help the king fight diseases and live long. The soldiers would save the country from foreign invaders.

Q4) What suggestions were made in answer to the third question?
Ans4) Suggestions made in answer to the third question were that The king should work strictly according to a set timetable and he should seek guidance from a council of ministers.

Q5) Did the wise men win the reward? If not, why?
Ans5) The answers of wise men were very different and unsatisfactory. Hence  none of them won the reward.

Q6) What was the king‘s problem?
Ans6) The king wanted to avoid a failure in any venture. For that he needed a clear cut answers to his three questions –the right time to do something, the right thing and the right persons for his guidance.

Q7) Why did the king go to the hermit? Why did he go alone?
Ans7)The king was desperately searching for right answers for his three questions. All the wise men failed to satisfy him. So, he decided to visit the hermit for advice because he was famous for his wisdom. The hermit lived in the forest and never come to the town.  Moreover he met only common people. So, the king put on simple clothes, left his horse and bodyguard behind, and walked to the hermit’s hut alone.

Q8) How did the king and the hermit help the wounded man?
Ans8) The king and the hermit removed the wounded man’s clothing and washed his wound. They covered the wound with a cloth. When the bleeding did not stop, the king redressed the wounded.

Q9) Who was the bearded man?
Ans9) The bearded man was the sworn enemy of the king. The king had put his brother to death and taken away all his property. He wanted to take revenge and kill the king on his way home.

Q10) The king forgave the bearded man. What did he do to show his forgiveness?
Ans10) The king was happy to make peace with his enemy. He promised to send a doctor to look after him and return his property.

Q11) What were the hermit‘s answers to the three questions? Which answer you like the most?
Ans11) The hermit‘s answers to the three questions were
a) The most important time is ‘now’ or present.
b) The most important business is the service rendered to others.
c) The most important person is with whom one is at the moment
I like the first answer the most. Present is the only time when we can act. We should live in the present moment.


  1. pls write more question as this will help students

  2. Q12Why were the bearded man get caught by soldiers?
    ANS-bearded man get caught because he was very tired by hiding behind the bushes and get out of bushes then he get caugth by soldiers

  3. Pls write the answer of question
    Q6. (ii) Why did he ask for the king's forgiveness?

    1. you foolish

    2. the wounded man asked for forgiveness as he wanted to kill the king but in return king had helped him out. he was guilty for his doing so he revealed the incident to the king and aske for forgiveness

  4. the answer the king got to the three questions. making these answers as your base, comment on the importance of the present moment in our life. answer please

  5. its very dull

  6. how did king made peace with his enemy