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7th class -cbse english(Honeycomb) Chapter-4 (The Ashes That made Trees bloom)(William Elliot Griffis)

Answer following questions in short.

Q1) The old farmer is a kind person. What evidence of his kindness do you find in the first two paragraphs?
Ans1) The old farmer was a kind person. He had no children. He and his wife reared a little dog named Muko, as his baby. They fed him fish from their own chopsticks and all the boiled rice he wanted. They treated him very nicely. The farmer also gave food to the birds.

Q2) What did the dog do to lead the farmer to the hidden gold?
Ans2) The dog took the old man to a place and began scratching the ground. The old man dug the earth and found the hidden gold.

Q3) How did the couple spend the gold?
Ans3)The couple bought a piece of land, arranged a feast for their friends and gave plentifully to their poor neighbours.

Q4) What did the greedy neighbours find on digging the ground?
Ans4) The greedy neighbours found a dead kitten whose smell made them drop their tools and shut their noses.

Q5) How did the spirit of the dog help the farmer first?
Ans5) The spirit of the dog came in the dream of the farmer and asked him to cut down the pine tree over his grave and make a mortar for rice pastry and a mill for bean sauce from it.

Q6) How did the spirit of the dog help him next?
Ans6) The spirit of the dog informed the farmer that the wicked neighbours had burnt the mill. He adviced him to take the ashes of the mill and sprinkle them on the withered trees, and they would bloom again.

Q7) What was the custom in the day of the daimios when their lord passed by?
Ans7) In the days of the daimios when their lord passed by all the loyal people had to shut up their high windows. All the people along the road had to fall upon their hands and knees until the procession passed by.

Q8) Why did the daimio reward the farmer but punish the neighbour for the same act?
Ans8) The farmer had the magical ashes. He sprinkled it on the withered cherry tree that bloomed. That made the daimio very happy and he rewarded the farmer. But his neighbour didn’t have magic in the ashes. When he sprinkled the ashes on a withered cherry tree it went into the eyes and nose of the diamio and his wife. The daimio got angry and punished the neighbour.

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