Thursday, 3 May 2012

7th class-cbse english (Honeycomb) Chapter-9 (A bicycle in good repair) (Jerome K. Jerome)

Answer following questions in short.

 Q1) Did the front wheel really wobble? What is your opinion? Give a reason for your answer ?
Ans1) The front wheel was perfectly all right. It wobbled only if the man shook it violently. It began to wobble only after repair because some of the balls were lost.

Q2) In what condition did the author find the bicycle when he returned from the tool shed?
Ans2) When the author returned from the tool shed he found that the man was holding the front wheel between his legs. He was moving it round between his fingers. The remaining part of the bicyle was lying on the stony path beside him.

Q3) What special treatment did the chain receive?
Ans3) Firstly he tightened the chain too much that it refused to move. Then he loosened it a little too much.

Q4) Describe ‘the fight’ between the man and the machine.  Find the relevant sentences in the text and write them.
Ans4) Cycle was in good working condition but the friend set to repair it. He worked to refix the gear case. He put the bicycle in different positions. He lay on the ground to work at it from below. He lost his balance and cycle slid over on to his head. There was a fierce fight between him and the machine. Sometimes he was on top the machine, the next moment, he lay on the gravel path with the bicycle on him.

Q5) How did the narrator feel when his friend shook his bicycle violently?
Ans5) The narrator felt hurt when his friend shook his bicycle violently  because his friend was hurting his bicycle for no apparent reason.

Q6) Was the man repairing the bicycle as a trained mechanic?
Ans6) He did not know anything about the cycle repairing. He was no way an expert. He made a mess and took the machine to pieces. But he was able to refit the bicycle for use.