Saturday, 19 May 2012

9th class-cbse english(NCERT BOOK-Moments)(long answers) chapter-6 (Weathering the storm in Erasma)(Harsh Mander)

Answer following questions in about 100 words.

Q1) What are the immediate needs of the victims of a natural calamity? How did Prashant fulfill them?
Ans1) The super cyclone hit the coast of the Orissa and the whole region was devastated. Villages were almost razed. At that time immediate needs of people were housing, food, shelter and emotional support. Prashant fulfilled them with utter courage and sensitivity. He understood the need of the hour and came forward to lead. He organized a group of youth and put pressure on merchant to give rice for victims. He mobilized the women to work for food for work programs. He tries to resettle the orphans and widows. He organized cricket matches for children. Thus at the young age of nineteen he showed all qualities of head and heart.

Q2) How did Prashant contribute to improve the condition of the shelter?
Ans2) The shelter was in very pathetic condition. There was a fear of spreading epidemic. Moreover people were depressed, hungry and wounded. Prashant tackled all these problems wisely. First of all he owned the responsibility of a leader. He organized a group of youths and elders that compelled merchant to part some rice. They collected wood, cooked rice and fed the people. Then he arranged a team of youth to clean all the surrounding of the shelter. They looked after the wounded. He persuaded women to look after the orphans. To bring people out of their grief he organized games and matches for the young. For the same reason he convinced women to work for food. He became the burning example of courage and compassion.

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