Sunday, 20 May 2012

9th class-cbse english(NCERT BOOK-Moments)(long answers) chapter-10 (The beggar)(Anton Chekhov)

Answer following questions in about 100 words.

Q1) What inspired Lushkoff to be a real man?
Ans1) Lushkoff was a beggar. He did not have strength and will to work. He used to tell false stories to people to get their sympathy and money. Once he met with Sergei and tried his methods on him. Sergei caught his lie. But he gave him a work of chopping wood. Sergei’s cook Olga helped the beggar. Initially she scolded him. Soon she felt for him helped him by doing hard work and made him earn money. She changed him with her kind words and noble deeds. He left drinking. He realized that he was not a beggar always. He decided to mend his ways. He became a Notary. He always felt indebted to Olga.

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