Saturday, 19 May 2012

9th class-cbse english (NCERT BOOK-Moments)(short answers) chapter-8 (A house is not a home)(Zan Gaudioso)

Answer following questions in about 40 words.

Q1) What happened one Sunday afternoon when author was at home?
Ans1) The author was doing his homework. It was Sunday and outside it was very cold. Suddenly the author smelt something strange. He saw that the fire was coming in through the ceiling. Soon he found that whole house was on fire.

Q2) What did author’s mother do when the house was on fire?
Ans2) When the house was on fire author’s mother ran to collect all important documents. She also tried to save her husband’s pictures and letters as they were very precious for her..

Q3)  What happened to the author’s cat?
Ans3) In the fierce fire almost every thing burnt. The cat was no where. It might have been injured in the fire or run away due to fear.

Q4) When did the author realize he was not alone?
Ans4) Authors house was ashed down in a fierce fire. He was deserted. Next day he reached school and found that his friends were also concerned. The feelings of insecurity vanished and he realized that he is not alone.

Some more questions for practice.

Answer following questions in about 40 words.

Q1) What happened to the author’s mother? How did fireman tackle her?

Q2) How much damage had the fire caused to the house?

Q3) How did he author go to school the next day?

Q4)  How did the author get back his cat?

Q5) What was being missed terribly by the author?

Q6) When did the author feel like Christmas at school?

Q7) Why was the author unable to withdraw money from the bank?

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