Saturday, 19 May 2012

9th class-cbse english (NCERT BOOK-Moments)(short answers) chapter-9 (The Accidental Tourist)(Bill Bryson)

Answer following questions in about 40 words.

Q1) What happened when the author was checking in the Logan Airport in Boston?
Ans1) At the Logan airport, in Boston the author remember that he had recently joined British Airways ‘frequent flyer program’. He had put the card in the carry-on-bag that was hanging around the neck. He tried to open the bag but its chain got jammed. His finger stuck in the zip. It started bleeding profusely. All papers from the bag spread. Scene was quite embarrassing.

Q2) When the food was delivered, how did the author’s wife conduct?
Ans2) Author’s wife knew her husband’s state of confusion. When the author was on a tour with his family, she was worried. She pointed to their children to take lids off the food. She also instructed to be alert so that her husband might not put them in a awkward situation.

Q3) What happens at the end of the day when bill Bears wears light coloured trousers?
Ans3) Bill Bryson was very confused clumsy person. Usually he sat on the chewing gum, ice cream, cough syrup. There stains were more visible on light coloured trousers. So it was advisable for him not to wear light coloured trousers to avoid embarrassing situation.

Some more questions for practice.

Answer following questions in about 40 words.

Q1) Explain author’s views on ‘Ached to be Suave ‘

Q2) The author‘s wife re marked ‘I can’t believe you do this for a living’ Elucidae?

Q3) Describe the happenings which the accidental tourists face during his flight in aero planes?

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