Friday, 4 May 2012

9th class-cbse english(NCERT BOOK-Beehive)(long answers) Chapter-7(Packing) (Jerome K. Jerome)

Q) Answer following questions in about 100 words.

Q1) Who was  the best or worst packer- Jerome, George or Harris?
Ans1)Among the three Jerome was the best packer. He had a good experience of packing. He knew a better how to order the things and avoid possible loss. He was proud of his packing skills. He thought that he knew more about it than any other person living. On the other hand both George and Harris were the worst packers. They were careless and knew nothing about the skill of packing. They strapped the bag many times and forgot to put in one thing or the thing. Then they have to reopen the bag again. Harris packed the strawberry jam at the top of a tomato and squashed it. They broke the cup also. They spoiled everything.

Q2) How did Montmorency ‘contribute’ to the packing?
Ans2) Montmorency was a naughty dog. He contributed a lot in the process of packing. His day was wasteful if he did not disturb any work and poked his nose in troubled area. He mad the people mad. During the packing, he came and sat down on the things to be packed. He made sure whenever Harris or George extend their hand for anything, they got wet nose of Montmorency. He pretended lemons for the rats and chased them throughout the room.  He got into the hamper and spoiled three lemons to be rats. He puts his legs into the jam. He was a perfect nuisance.

Q3) ‘packing’ is a humorous story. Find three instances from the story which you find humorous?
Ans3) ‘Packing’ is a humorous story. There are many incidents in the support of this. Three instances among them are-
1) After labouring for hours, the author finally packs the bag, shuts and straps when he is reminded by his friend Harris. “Aren’t you going to put the boots in?” he laughs. He doesn’t say a thing, until the bag is all shut and strapped.

2) George puts the butter down on a chair and Harris sits down on it. it sticks to him and they keep looking for it all over the room. Finally they find it sticking to Harris’ back. They get it off and repack it.

3) Montmorency , their dog, first puts his leg into the jam , then worries the tea spoons and then pretends the lemons for rats and goes into the hamper and kills three of them before Harris lands him with the frying pan.


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