Tuesday, 15 May 2012

9th class-cbse english(NCERT BOOK-Beehive)(short answers) Chapter-11(If I were You) (Douglas James)

Q) Answer following questions in about 40 words.

Q1) Why did intruder think that Gerrard was being smart?
Ans1) ) The intruder thought that Gerrard was being ‘smart’ because he was trying to know the particulars of the intruder without disclosing or confirming his own.

Q2) Why did the intruder say, “They can’t hang me twice?”
Ans2) The intruder thought that he would kill Mr. Gerrard and live his life. Police would found his body and would stop chasing the intruder. Even if cops identified him later, they could not hang him twice.

Q3) How did Gerrard convince the intruder that he was also wanted by the police?
Ans3) When Gerrard comes to know about the plan of the intruder, he kept his cool. He cooked a story to outwit him. He says he is also a murderer. So if he takes his identify, he would not gain anything. He would be accused of double murder.

Q4) Why does the intruder choose Gerrard as the man whose identify he wants to take?
Ans4) Gerrard looks like the intruder. Gerrad also lived alone in the house. Very few people visited him. So, the intruder thought if he would kill Gerrard, no one would identify him. He would gain his freedom and would be free to go places. He could live without the fear of cops.

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