Wednesday, 12 October 2011

translation paragraphs--1

Before doing these exercises you would like to read Importance of translation

Q)    Translate following paragraphs into your mother language.


Our English teacher Mr. Sharma started the program by welcoming chief guest, the education minister of Delhi, and others. After this vice principal put his thoughts on education system. He emphasized the need for value based education. After this came the main part. Principal Sir discussed the result of this year. He congratulated toppers of all classes. He informed that our school also won awards in many extra curriculum activities. He invited the chief guest to distribute prizes among winners. Chief Guest also addressed the audience. He praised the performance of our school.


Last year I changed my school because my old school was a primary school. I got admission in KGIL Public School in VIth class. On my first day in school, I reached on time. School was grand .There was much cleanliness .Students were gathering for prayer
I   reached in my class with the help of a teacher. After payer class began. Teachers were
Very polite and good. Standard of education was high. There was good discipline. In the recess I went in canteen. It was very hygienic. I made friends very quickly. I learnt many new things on that day. It was a nice experience.
I was very impressed with my new school. Memory of that day is still fresh in my mind. I can not forget that day.


This is the general problem of all colonies in the city. But we are facing it a bit extra. There are two nalas (open sewers) in our colony- One on the eastern border and another passing through middle of the colony. Most of the time these are choked and over- flown. One can feel bad smell in the air all the time.
As if it is not enough, there is a MCD ‘garden’ in our colony which is turning into garbage dumping ground. Garbage from nearby colonies is also collected here. This garbage spreads on the roads by carrying vehicles. During rainy season this becomes a real hell. An epidemic can break anytime. This is the shear carelessness of the municipal corporation.

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