Wednesday, 26 October 2011

translation paragraphs--3

Before doing these exercises you would like to read Importance of translation

Q)    Translate following paragraphs into your mother language.


This problem is growing rapidly in all parts of the city. One can see vendors and hawkers on footpaths especially near metro stations, bus stands and market areas. This compels the pedestrians to move on the roads. Roads are already congested. During office hours this creates a big problem. It slows down the speed of traffic and sometimes causes jams .Many accidents also happen due to this.
There are many reports that these encroaches bribe the beat constable and employees of Municipal Corporation. In market areas they also pay shop owners to lay their articles in front of shops. This nexus makes them fearless. But main sufferer is the common man, who can’t fight with them.


All successful people have hobbies. Hobbies play very important part in our life. Any activity that engages our attention, refresh our mind, entertain us and fill our non-creative hours is called hobby. My hobby is net surfing. I love to discover new websites on various subjects. I keep a record of websites in my dairy. Internet is a reservoir of information. It provides good food for mind. We can expand our knowledge in interested areas and we can also increase our areas of interest. Whenever I find time, I do net surfing. Whole world seems accessible. Knowledge is just a click away. I want to turn my hobby into my profession by fining new avenues of earning on the internet.  


A society can not prosper without secure and fearless environment. It is the responsibility of police to create such environment. But in our locality it seems that police has joined hand with law-breakers. Incidents of theft are increasing day by day. Chain snatching is common. We are not safe even inside homes. Last week a gang robbed a jeweler in full day light.
This condition is further deteriorated by two wine shops- one in the market and another near bus stand. These shops are hub of anti-social elements. We cannot go outside after sunset. Women are facing many threats. Atmosphere is not safe. We don’t know what impression it is imprinting on the innocent minds of our children.

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