Wednesday, 26 October 2011

translation paragraphs--4

Before doing these exercises you would like to read Importance of translation

Q)     Translate following paragraphs into your mother language.


Metro is the pride of Delhi. It’s a boon for commuters. It links many important places of Delhi. It has reduced traffic loads from the roads .It is very environment friendly also. I love traveling in fully air conditioned coaches. It has made journey very comfortable and jam-free. Metro personnel are very efficient. You’ll feel cleanliness, security and discipline everywhere in metro system. Metro network is very well planned. Many metro stations are near railway stations and important bus terminals. At some metro stations we can see big malls also. Metro ride is a real enjoyment.


Newspaper is very useful in our life. They introduce us with important national and international incidents. They widen our outlook. They enrich our knowledge. They deepen our understanding. A man will become “frog of a well “without newspaper.

            Newspapers also act as a medium between government and common people. By newspaper we can communicate with Government, put pressure on it and give suggestions. Newspapers are wonderful means of building public opinion.
            Newspapers are also helpful in business. We can see adverstiments of all sorts for promoting product. Newspaper also plays a role in entertainment.
Newspapers are true mirror of a society.


One day I was alone at home. My parents were gone in a marriage party. Next day it was my English paper. I have to stay at home. I got up early in the morning. I went on the roof. Cool air was blowing. I did some exercise. It was refreshing. After bath, I sat for study. I read some paragraphs and practiced unseen –passages. My concentration was high. I was really enjoying my study. After taking breakfast, I took rest for one hour. Then I learnt Q-Ans of first book. In the afternoon, I watched TV. Then I slept for sometime. In the evening I learnt Q-Ans of second book and revised grammar portion. I called my friend and we practiced some exercises of grammar. By 8:00 pm my revision was complete. After dinner I went to bed. I was satisfied

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