Monday, 10 October 2011


Before doing these exercises you would like to read Importance of translation

Q)    Translate following sentences into your mother language.

Exercise - 1

  1. Modern-day India needs citizens who can use English in many different ways.
  2. I earnestly wish that every student connected with this course learn good English.
  3. I hope that new course will instill confidence among students.
  4. It shall be the duty of every citizen of India to abide the constitution.
  5. A great man is different from an eminent one in that he is ready to be the servant of the society.
  6. Real culprits are still on the loose.
  7. All nuclear weapons should be secured safely so that terrorists don’t get hold of them.
  8. Mohan   complaint that his brother was beaten to death by thieves.
  9. Village bore a deserted look.
  10. Sohan complaint that his brother was stabbed to death by thieves.

Exercise - 2

  1. Doctor said that surgery is not required as of now.
  2. Reservation to women in education and employment should be followed to the letter
  3. Supreme Court cleared the air by its judgment.
  4. Couples do not hesitate to run to the court at the drop of a hot.
  5. Mrs. Sharma posed an interesting question.
  6. He entered the high-security airport by scaling the boundary wall.
  7. Today’s children have taken our freedom for granted.
  8. He is looking forward to the release of board exam. results.
  9. My Grandmother, like everybody grandmother, was an old woman.
  10. Even after working round the clock, a woman hardly enjoys her income as the man remains head of the family.

Exercise - 3

  1. It is action not words, which is the need of the hour.
  2. Government must not be cowed down by this incident.
  3. It is clear that the ultras have no humanity left in them. But the government does not seem to care much for lives of the security personnel either.
  4. Our society is caste ridden and majority is hungry and uncared for
  5. Can a bullet for a bullet lead us anywhere?
  6. We have made our lives materialistic and artificial.
  7. As a younger, I watched sparrows build nests in the small holes on the walls of my house.
  8. Impelled by selfishness, man makes in roads into the animal kingdom – our ecological benefactor.
  9. The actual census work will be gigantic and demanding in all its aspects with the enormous increase in household.
  10. Judge reached at the decision after full consideration.

Exercise - 4

  1. Learning is impossible in the regime of poverty.
  2. Tiger leapt upon lamb.
  3. Interrogative sentences are used to make a query.
  4. Repetition is the key to success.
  5. A beard old man sat in the woods.
  6. The child has caught cold.
  7. He has no taste for music.
  8. All is well that ends well.
  9. The dog ran after me.
  10. Practice makes a man perfect.

Exercise - 5

  1. Wisdom is better than valor.
  2. We must follow the advice of elders.
  3. He was full of hope.
  4. Health is wealth.
  5. J.L Nehru was a great leader.
  6. Ganga is a scared river.
  7. Delhi is the most populous city.
  8. The class consists of 40 students.
  9. There was a large crowd in the theater.
  10. Mercury is a liquid metal.

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