Monday, 10 October 2011


Before doing these exercises you would like to read Importance of translation

Q)    Translate following sentences into your mother language.

Exercise --1

1.      I am very thankful that you considered my case.
2.      Teacher is considering postponing the exam.
3.      I earnestly considered your case, but I can not pass you.
4.      I deeply considered about my future and decided to study more from today.
5.      He considered about condition of poor with full sympathy.
6.      Principal said that it was her considered decision and she can not change it.
7.      Sudha takes plenty of fruit daily.
8.      It was her favorite toy. She did not want to part with it.
9.      A friend in need is friend indeed.
10.  An umbrella keeps off the rain.

Exercise --2

11.  Policeman is expected to protect the life and property of the people.
12.  At cross roads, he regulates traffic and avoids accident.
13.  Cool breeze of the morning is very refreshing.
14.  Trader had large sum of money in his bag.
15.  In rain, merchant was drenched from head to toe.
16.  Gun did not go off due to technical fault.
17.  I am the best singer nobody can beat me on this score.
18.  Rita seems happy.
19.  You seem worried.
20.  Truck struck against the bus. It was a head on collision.

Exercise --3

21.  We must drive safe.
22.  We must  observe traffic rules
23.  Spring season is the most delightful of all the seasons.
24.  He is a proud father.
25.  She speaks in a loud voice.
26.  Those pens are rare.
27.  Police caught dreaded criminals.
28.  Police handcuffed the criminal.
29.  Watching the movie, the boy felt amused.
30.  They went in search of food.

Exercise --4

31.  His son is studying abroad.
32.  The Tajmahal is a rare   monument.
33.  We boarded Rajdhani express for Mumbai.
34.  Heena boarded a Maharoli bound bus.
35.  Traveling by train is, indeed , a rare experience .
36.  I am looking forward to travel by this train.
37.  My birthday falls on 26th November.
38.  A   sentence may consist of one word or more than one word.
39.  A man of character is respected everywhere.
40.  In short, he is a hardworking.

Exercise --5

41.  In a nut shell, we must observe rules.
42.  He decided to give up the struggle.
43.  You should give up smoking.
44.  He was sad at heart.
45.  He makes up his mind to finish the work.
46.  He is a well –known doctor.
47.  All his dreams vanished in a moment.
48.  This job requires special training.
49.  Trees shed their leaves in autumn.

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