Thursday, 13 October 2011


Before doing these exercises you would like to read Importance of translation

Q)     Translate following sentences into your mother language.


1.      A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
2.      I have taken my meal.
3.      The judge sentenced the prisoner to be hanged.
4.      The officer appears pleased.
5.      He appears comic.
6.      She looks pleased.
7.      Tree looks   dry.
8.      Sun looks shining.
9.      You look sad.
10.  Fifty rupees is not a big sum.


11.  Slow and steady wins the race.
12.  The hustle and bustle of the fair does not attract me.
13.  The din and noise of the city disturbs me.
14.  The earth revolves round the earth.
15.  The sun sets in the east.
16.  You have not learnt your lesson by heart.
17.  I am getting late.
18.  It was getting hot.
19.  All desire wealth but a few acquire it.
20.  To speak the truth is a virtue.


21.  To err is human.
22.  The procession  is about to enter the city.
23.  A burnt child dreads the fire.
24.  Eating is essential for life.
25.  He is tired of talking.
26.  Plucking flowers is prohibited.
27.   Parting is always sad.
28.  The loaded gun went off.
29.  He is mentally prepared to face what is in store for them in future.
30.  I am not much acquainted with him.


31.  The storm wrecked the ship.
32.  He can break the previous record.
33.  Juggler shows the interesting feats.
34.  The rope dance amused the spectators.
35.  He gave alms to the beggar.
36.  He treaded a muddy path.
37.  Nobody likes ill tempered man.
38.  He is a versatile author.
39.  The longest day fell in June.
40.  She will be here in no time.


41.  Hard work is the key to success.
42.  Union is strength.
43.  Thinking good thoughts makes a good man.
44.  He tried to resolve the issue.
45.  Roaming about in the street is not good.
46.  The wicked man liked to put people into trouble.
47.  She was going to his place of work /living.
48.  A man becomes what he thinks.
49.  Life is what we make it.

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