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Before doing these exercises you would like to read Importance of translation

Q)    Translate following sentences into your mother language.

Exercise - 1

1.      Little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
2.      Bhagat Singh was a great revolutionary.
3.      All men are mortal.
4.      I saw a horror film.
5.      The hen lays eggs.
6.      They think of a new plan.
7.      The heir to the throne took an oath.
8.      We have visited the Tajmahal only once.
9.      She speaks English fluently.
10.  He never listens to anybody.

Exercise – 2

11.  You must work diligently.
12.  He is fond of   painting.
13.  The student was intelligent and diligent.
14.  He ran because he was afraid of getting late.
15.  The box is made of wood.
16.  Tajmahal is made of marble.
17.  The sun shines by day.
18.  The moon shines by night.
19.  He thought ill of others.
20.  The accident does not take place here.

Exercise – 3

21.  We boarded a Pune bound train.
22.  Due to fog, Air India cancelled many Europe –bound flights.
23.  It rained cats and dogs.
24.  He appeared for exam this year.
25.  He writes the exam last year.
26.  The judge pronounced him guilty.
27.   He lost to his competitor.
28.   He will occupy this post
29.  Buses are not plying today.
30.  Your friend is going abroad this month.

Exercise – 4

31.  We are attending party.
32.  The boy was jumping off a moving train.
33.  My mother was returning from the abroad.
34.  Nurse was looking after the patients.
35.  They laughed at him.
36.  Leader was delivering speech.
37.  We vacated the house on Sunday.
38.  He was playing the flute in the morning.
39.  The servant was making beds.
40.  Owls do not work at during day.

Exercise – 5

41.  He does his work at day break.
42.  The soldiers were bleeding profusely.
43.  Women was drawing water from well.
44.  Honeybee stringed the passenger.
45.  My sister's wedding is coming off on 15th sep 2010.
46.  I always reach my school in time.
47.  Ramesh asserted that it was his pen.
48.  Police asserted   that they were only doing their duties.
49.  We must help poor help poor earnestly.
50.  I will consider your problem.

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