Monday, 10 October 2011


Before doing these exercises you would like to read Importance of translation

Q)    Translate following sentences into your mother language.

Exercise – 1

1.      Who is reciting the poem?
2.      Kamala recites a poem in annual function.
3.      I received my parcel.
4.      I received your letter recently
5.      She received me warmly at the station.
6.      They treated as well.
7.      He was more hospitable.
8.      He felt homesick after 3 days.
9.      Indian Ocean lies in the south of Indian.
10.   Himalayas lies in the north of India.

Exercise – 2

11.  He worked hard but in vain.
12.  Fox tried hard to get grapes but in vain.
13.  Boys tried their best to break the bundle of wood but in vain.
14.  He made friend with a crocodile.
15.  He plays harmonium and violin, beats drum.
16.  Premchand was a man of letters.
17.  India has plenty of birds.
18.  Ritesh deals in stationary.
19.  Trader deals in garments.
20.  It is the root cause of the problem.

Exercise – 3

21.  Principal addressed the students.
22.  Passengers bound for different destination reached at the station.
23.  Petrol is obtained from petroleum.
24.  Do not board a moving bus.
25.  Prevention is better than cure.
26.  The wisdom of Birbal is well known.
27.  My mother is a woman of a few words.
28.  Nehru was a man of honour.
29.  Nikhil is a man of great courage.
30.  Diwali is celebrated with great pomp and show.

Exercise – 4

31.  His mother did not have a wink of sleep.
32.  Borrowed garment never fit well.
33.  People who shirk work are not liked by me.
34.  Work hard lest you should fail.
35.  Corn grows in plenty in Punjab.
36.  In the Himalayan Terai, there are many valuable woods.
37.  Love your friends but do not hate your enemies.
38.  Boys and girls, men and woman, children and grown ups all went to the fair.
39.  Silver is a precious metal.
40.  Wheat is eaten all over the country.

Exercise – 5

41.  Rice is the staple food of Bengal.
42.  The Ganga is a sacred river.
43.  The leader should learn to govern.
44.  She hurt herself.
45.  They harm themselves.
46.  She herself opened the door.
47.  We ourselves confessed our guilt.
48.  Milk in the pot is not enough.
49.  I saw the fight with my own eyes.

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